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Lisa, Jess and I have been getting super excited for the WWA tour and thought a great way to get even more excited would be to go through every H/L moment from the 2013 tour and put them into a top 10 list. 

As you can tell by the title of this post, that did not happen. Because guess what! This is the hardest post I’ve ever had to make because I couldn’t pick 10 or 20 or even 50 “essential” moments from this tour. 


We all pine for the days of yore when the Up All Night tour was going strong, and there were a lot of moments I love from that tour. But it was also a much shorter tour and took place over a shorter period of time. It was a case study in teenage love affair: flirting, sex and hearteyes. The Take Me Home tour was different (obviously lol) in that it was much more subdued (partly for unhappy reasons).

But after going through this, I think I might like this tour better, which seems crazy, but once you go through this list (and Lisa’s), you’ll see that this tour was all about being settled, domestic and fond in the face of what appeared to be pretty extreme measures to have us believe they weren’t even friends anymore. 

But once you go through this list, I think you’ll agree, that nothing that matters has changed.


(gif credit)

Let’s do this.

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liam’s face when harry gets asked about dating rumors


sometimes im certain i love harry as much as harry loves penis






but then im like…no…no way


Because I am a dirty perv and have all of these saved up.. annnd I need a place to store them all, here is my —


Note: I can’t credit these to any of the places that I found them — I’m honestly not even sure anymore. None of these are mine and I take no credit for the making of these gifs and pictures. And obviously, to my knowledge, none of these people are actually 1D members.

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Louis defending Harry and Zayn defending Liam. +


harry image



Inspired by this tag: louis’ entire life is an audition for the role of jim halpert



Somebody brightened/sharpened the Wellington kiss video!

You can clearly hear Louis shout, “Boyfriend!” before going into a kiss with Harry, who turns him around and puts an arm on his chest and then they both turn heads to kiss each other. 

And because that isn’t confirmation enough, at the end of the video the girl filming says, “Oh my god, Harry’s kissing him.” 

Like how is this not enough proof though? I just don’t get how people can still say Larry shippers are just tinhatting? 

louisandharry, coming out soon

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